TOXIC ONLINE – Homebred YEALLOW | 04.23.2015

TOXIC ONLINE – Homebred YEALLOW | 04.23.2015

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Forming in Strasbourg, France; Brit-rock mob Yeallow were quickly spotted after the release of their album 2891 seconds back in 2010 and embarked on an array of shows across the US and yonder. The band are now back with more catchy riffs, more attitude and more passion on their latest offering, Homebred E.P.

“Be Sure” introduces the E.P with gritty vocals, sunny hooks and chords, a funk-infused bass line and an all over summery feel that immediately makes the hips quiver and shake. It boasts a thoroughly Indie-rock vibe in its tone through this and as it rolls smoothly into “Everyday Radio Edit” with its prominent and sultry slap-bass interludes. The driving force of the guitars and smooth, echoing vocals though both songs contrast greatly in the spectrum of Indie-rock that they demonstrate and show versatility, and welcome experimentation from the band as they pull both diverse sounds off expertly.
“The Trick” and its doom-mongering introduction with off-key chords and a grunge-infused clatter of guitars, bass and drum sections, takes the release in a more sombre and dark direction, complete with moaning vocals and a haunting chorus with multiple vocalists. How does this work? No one knows, but it is a fantastic listen.
“Somewhere Else” marks the end of this release, with a brooding, blues-esque introduction that begins this aural journey through the various styles Yeallow have mastered the craft of. As they reach a tempestuous, raging climax of pure passion, pure instrumental genius and pure rock credentials that make this short release a gem amongst their collection.


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