Yeallow | Anusaya Japan | Interview | August, 31, 2010

Yeallow | Anusaya Japan | Interview | August, 31, 2010

Yeallow is Fred C (vocal, guitar, keyboard), Pascal C (vocal, guitar, keyboard), Fred T (guitar, chorus), Bill O (bass) and Olivier “Piment” (drums, chorus). As a group of five, Yeallowcreates rich and energetic songs with mature lyrics. This alternative style with no hang-ups about its rock influences, is a New pop-rock sound — As if Lou Reed were to sing a ballad with Pearl Jam in the style of Radiohead with Brian Ferry and Bowie’s elegance! References acknowledged, but without reverence!

I talked to vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist Fred C about the Yeallow‘s new album 2891 Seconds, and the band’s dream of touring Japan.

Please introduce yourself. Who are YEALLOW and what instruments and brands of instruments do they play?
Yeallow came from a musical project born in 2006, and started at the end of 2008, with our first homemade EP “One.” This step built the current Yeallow — five musicians, friends and full of musical passion.

I am Fred C: lead vocals, guitars, keyboards and Kaoss Pad. Pascal: lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, Fred T: lead guitars, backing vocals, Piment: drums, backing vocals, and Bill: bass. Both are playing and composing in the studio and always testing new sounds.

What is the musical background of the members of YEALLOW?
Fred C, Fred T, and Pascal played rock in bands during the 90′s. As a professional musician Piment played with a lot of different reggae and rock bands. Bill’s background is metal, folk and rock. This mix of musical backgrounds, created the sound of Yeallow. Each member has composed music for many years, and received formal training in piano, drums, and even flute in music schools.

Remembering back to your first time in front of a live audience, what comes to mind?
Fred C: Yes! We did it!!! Seriously, we have always had great pleasure to play live and the audience feels it!

I know you would like to tour Japan? Is there any particular reason, and what do you hope get from the experience?
Fred C: We like Japan! It is an exciting life full of new stuff, fashion and future minded people, and our favorite bands such as Radiohead for example like playing there. The audience is great, likes rock, and festivals like Fuji rock are in our mind!!!

Tell me a little bit about the songwriting process — what inspires you to write music?
Fred C: Lyrics are a point we like to challenge — we want to tell stories inspired by today’s life. With a poetic vision, Fred C is very aware of being metaphoric, and telling a story as a movie. The song “2891 seconds” is a life story.

How does the writing and recording of the new album 2891 Secondscompare to your earlier projects?
Fred C: 2891 seconds was written and composed by Fred C and Pascal. After that, the entire band creates and co writes with Piment as art director who drives the Yeallow style ! It is very collective, compared to the past.

What are fans going to hear?
Fred C: Oh, I don’t know how to answer that. On these album, all are made to be heard many times — You’ll discover new sounds, backgrounds, 12 tracks but never the same recipe.

What has been your biggest triumph as YEALLOW? Greatest challenge?
Fred C: Biggest triumph: to play live and launch this album in such a short time and to play in Paris!!! Greatest challenge: Continuing to play live with a great show and thinking about the art project in our Yeallow project, next sounds, album theme, and discovering a Japanese audience.

Let’s hear a little about your tastes not related to music? Could you name some of your favorite books or movies?
Fred C: There’s so many; Photos: Helmut Newton, Raymond Depardon. Art exhibitions: Basquiat, Dali. Great movies: Into the wild, Spinal Tap (Winks and smiles on the last.)

What is your favorite YEALLOW song to perform live? Why?
Fred C: Maybe Supergliding because it ends the show with a great energy link with the audience, they want much and this feeling is great!

This is your chance to promote your CDs, bands, tours, websites & gear? What should we be looking for from YEALLOW in the coming months?
Fred C: 2891 Seconds is the New pop-rock sound, we want you to have as much pleasure in listening to this album, as we had in making it!

YEALLOW’s next shows are in France and Europe. A video clip is coming in September (view below), and there may be a US tour in November. We advise and hope all will keep in touch by joining our fan pages and to check our web site Please leave comments, photos, and videos.

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