PEEK A BOO – Homebred Review | 11.04th, 2015

PEEK A BOO – Homebred Review | 11.04th, 2015

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While I listened to Yeallow, I heard The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Pulp, Supergrass and other similar pop/rock bands. Is this just another British hype? Not at all, they’re French!

The main elements of their music are catchy guitar riffs, some synths, pop/rock with melodious choruses and a singer who is a bit arrogant or nonchalant. That does sound a bit like The Strokes indeed, doesn’t it? And to top it all, they even almost reach their level. Let’s say the choruses of Julian Casablancas are just a little better and more emotional, but otherwise this is a very great album. The songs are easy to listen to!

Be Sure is a rock song with a nice melody that is great as a start. Somewhere Else has a solid rhythm section and forms the backbone of the song. The way the chorus is sung is just delicious: you hear some nonchalance, but everything is done in the highest professional way.

Believe me when I say that all ten tracks stand out from a typical song: the chorus, the rhythm section, a fine riff or a nice bass line… there is always something going on that you’ll love. The songs usually last about three minutes, except Everyday in whiche we hear the best of Yeallow for seven minutes. This track includes funny bass hooks and has a very nice instrumental rock-like centerpiece. I’m sure that this will do well on stage!

This album is like pop/rock should be: unpretentious, catchy and with enough attitude. I’m curious if they can do that on stage too!



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