Merchants of air – HOMEBRED Promo EP Review

Merchants of air – HOMEBRED Promo EP Review

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When I got this little e.p. in my mailbox, I didn’t really know what to think about it. The cover shows a lovely muffin with way too much sugar for a healthy lifestyle, and the title ‘slices of the forthcoming album HOMEBRED’. So I decided to play the CD and quickly catched my feet tapping along with the music. After playing all the tracks for the first time, I realised why. Yeallow reminds me of a band I loved years ago, Nemo. Not many people might remember (or know) Nemo but I loved (and still do) their straightforward indie rock.

And yes, I also love the straightforward indie rock of Yeallow. This French rockband exists since 2010 and has been playing live a lot. The four songs on this album can probably be compared to bands like Pixies or Lemonheads. Pure, (mostly) uptempo pop rock songs that sound clean at first but come with a rough edge after a few listens. This is sunny afternoon music, at least on festivals it is. I can indeed imagine Yeallow playing this live on a warm day while several people (for some reason, mostly (post-) hippie chicks) dancing barefooted on the cool grass.

Yeallow smells like summer…


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