Culture | Newspaper L’Alsace | October 10, 2010

Culture | Newspaper L’Alsace | October 10, 2010

Yeallow was successful in front of an audience that seemed especially come for the band.

“Le Noumatrouff ” opened its season with Yeallow as the main artist of this gig.

Before the Yeallow show, Amen Birdmen […] rocked the place with their numerous influences […] and not less,  Natas Loves You […] played a music between rock and romantic pop.
Finally, it was easy to understand that the audience came especially for the local band (Yeallow is from the region) furthermore  when it’s a qualitative one.
Yeallow gave a pop-rock show worthy from the leading bands of this style, playing many tracks from the 2891 Seconds album, happily more thant 3000 seconds !

by Christophe Schmitt

(quick translation)

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